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The price shown on this page are real time. Just add or remove features you would like to feature on your web site. Use the instant quote to gauge your budget and needs. Take a screenshot of all of the features you would like and contact me to discuss your project. 

I Need A Logo
No, I'll provide Hi-Res Logo

I Need A Website
1-3 pages
4-6 pages
7-9 pages
10-12 pages
13-15 pages
16-18 pages

Websites Content
I'd like you to write all the content, source images for my website.
1-3 pages
4-6 pages
4-6 pages
10-12 pages
13-15 pages
16-18 pages
Client Providing All Content

Website Features
Blog/News Section
Online Store (wooCommerce) SSL Certificate Required.
Newsletter/mailing list signup
Portfolio, Image or video gallery
Basic Search Engine Optimization

Services That Require A Yearly/Monthly Fees
I'll provide my own hosting
Host My Site
Help Me setup My Own hosting

Website Software Updates (monthly recurring fees)
Do it myself
Update Plugins & Theme
Update Plugins & Theme w/shop

Update An Existing Wordpress Page or Theme
Please Update 1-3 pages
Please Update 4-6 pages
Please Update 7-9 pages
Please Update 10-12 pages
Please Update 13-15 pages
Please Update 16-18 pages

Special Request & Additional Contact Info



Design that Tells Your Story

Looking for specialty services? We can most likely help with that too.

Video Editing
Audio Recording